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 I am almost 7 months pregnant and trying to make myself start exercising every day so I don't gain too much weight.  Well, I think I already have gained too much weight (25 pounds) so I'm trying to do something different so that I don't gain very much more. I'm trying to teach myself self-discipline and get into the habit of exercising and eating healthy now so that after my baby is born it will already be a habit and I can start a diet and lose weight.  I really wish that I would have exercised throughout my entire pregnancy but better late than never, right?

New Person Intro

Name (or online name): 'brellas
Location: Northern California
Due Date: Trying to conceive
Fitness Goals: Trying to slim down a bit and re-embrace my whole foods ways while trying to conceive.
Favourite types of exercise: Yoga, running
Anything else?: Hi! I'm looking forward to reading and learning about all of you.
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I'm 35 weeks along and starting to slow down, gals.

Jogging is impossible now, even with a belly support band. I'm just doing a brisk 2-mile walk on the treadmill and alternating cycling 8-10 miles every other day. I'm still lifting arm weights and doing leg presses which are fine as long as I don't hold my breath. I take things a little slower but that's okay. I'm pacing myself and listening to my body. My current rule is: If it hurts, don't do it!

My pulse this morning was 68, which is phenomenal. I have a co-worker who commented that I'm not "ready to pop yet" because my "face and body aren't all swollen." I tried to explain to her that good nutrition and exercise can prevent those problems.

I only have to get up once at night for a bathroom break and I know exercise helps me sleep more soundly. I change position 2-3 times at night but I'm not uncomfortable.

I've put on 30 pounds, which is a few more than I'd like but it's still within a healthy range. So far, I'm very pleased with how I've kept up with my daily routine. I'm hoping for an easier and shorter labor because of this.

Anyway, this is just an update. Things are going great!

hi, i'm new

I'm 25w3d pregnant and just found out about this community. And I have a few questions for you fit ladies! As I've been a excercising religiously for more than 15 years, I kept going when became pregnant as well. It was going fine so far, I could do basically everything I've been doing before (running, cycling, weights, cross-training), although at much lowr pace and VERY frequent pit-stops :S. However, recently my expanding belly gives me some "surprizes", mainly during weight lifting. I start feeling uncomfortable during push-ups and crunches, for example. My doctor (a new doctor) said I should not lift anything more than 10 pounds, but this sounds ridiculous to me (I use 12s for bicep curls, do 215 on bench press, etc.). She also said I should avoid "inward compression" of the belly - as i understang, avoid having your belly flatten or compressed during lifting. So let me ask you guys: what are the restrictions on postures/weights/etc. you know about? ANd what is this "inward compression" thing: I don't believe you can crush your baby with your own abdominal muscles. Or can you???!!!
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A tip for 3rd trimester jogging/fast walking

At 27 weeks, my belly began to be a real pain when I was trying to jog. Even if I used the bathroom before a workout, I always felt like I had to urinate within 2 minutes of beginning.

I even slowed my pace to about 5 mph but the ligaments in my lower abdomen felt like they were pulling apart with every step. This was especially disappointing since I know my abs are strong and my posture is correct. I'm just not used to this abdominal position.

So I took some action this past weekend. I went to the local Babies R Us store and tried on a few maternity belly bands. They had several diffent models available ranging from $20 to $60. I finally bought the Medela Maternity Support as shown on this page to wear during exercise. This one offered the support I wanted with a quick, Velcro closure and no confusing extra straps. It was also moderately priced and it breathed well and stayed put for me. If you're busty, you may want to invest in a bra/belly band combination for support.

Today I went jogging and I felt like a million bucks. The band offered just the right amount of support for my belly and my back.

I don't recommend wearing it all day long as that could lead to lazy posture and dependence on the band's support but it's perfect for a half-hour workout when a little extra support is needed.


Howdy, fellow fit mamas. I've been getting my heart rate up for an average of 45 minutes, 5 days a week plus going for evening walks and trying to stay active by mowing the lawn, weeding, etc... I also go mountain-biking once a week for an hour and swim now and then. This last week, though, I've been feeling really weak when I exercise... I'm in the 16th week and sort of thought I'd be feeling stronger. Maybe I'm not eating and drinking enough? does anyone else feel surprised by how weak they get sometimes?
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Light reading.

I hope everyone is doing well with maintaining healthy habits and activity levels here.

I thought I would post some links today for your weekend viewing pleasure and encouragement. I haven’t read through this site but I’ve bought a couple issues of the magazine (the site is not affiliated with this LJ group):

This article was informative for me:

Also, a lot of women complain of back pain by the 2nd trimester. In my experience (I’m 22.5 weeks pregnant), maintaining good posture has been key to my back health and I've had no back problems at all. Friends have commented that I’m "not showing much" but I think this is mainly because I stand up straight, keep my back and abs supported and I’m not gaining excess weight. I don't stick out my belly when standing or sitting.

I’m still running though it has slowed to a quick jog now. I've also modified my crunches to be angled on a ball so I’m not laying flat on my back. I’m also cycling about 10 miles every other day and lifting weights to maintain tone (though I’m not increasing the weight at this point, just lifting to keep the muscle I’ve already got).

Keep it up, gals!
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I have to leave this forum after the worst news possible.

I have made shigella maintainer. Sorry to dump you in it sweetie, you've posted a lot of helpful stuff to people and been active here (in every sense of the word) so I'm hoping you'll take it as a compliment rather than a hassle. Obviously, you now have powers to make someone else a maintainer instead or with you.

I hope that's enough for me to leave this community. I'm turning off comments I'm afraid.

Good luck to everyone in the rest of their pregnancies.
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hey mommas

i've been doing well lately.  the weather has been truly awful- strong sideways wind and rain in the last couple of days, but i've been walking 6 km or so a day.  it helps so much to bring the right music!  and due to the crap weather, the path is always empty and i can bop and punch my fist to the music as much as i want to!  i'm also doing different kinds of leg lifts most days for different muscles.   
i'm so extremely hungry, but i try to only eat healthy stuff, and a lot of it.  i'm not having any particular cravings, i'm just really HUNGRY.  i'm 24 weeks and i've put on 6.5 kg. 

how has everyone been doing with fitness?